PAL HomeTech provide structured wiring systems that enable your clients to future proof their home

A PAL system allows the developer/homeowner to install a standard Home Automation system at the wiring stage of building a new home, with the option to add extra features later as desired.

Some of the benefits of Home Automation


 Energy Efficiency

• The system provides cost saving measures for the homeowner as they have the ability to turn off all lights and devices from a single button.

• Ambient light sensors on the network can adjust light settings automatically to reduce energy wastage.

• By utilising dimming actuators, consumers can set the maximum output of the light to 80%, which in many occasions would not be noticeable; this will also increase the lifetime of the light fitting.

• Energy meters can be added to power outlet circuits to get a real-time overview of energy consumption and enable the adjustment of habits as required.


Read MoreAdaptability of Control

The system is built on flexibility; should the homeowner decide they require an extra light switch to turn all lights off or ensure that all the outside lighting is off, no rewiring is required, a simple reprogramming change to a blank switch and this type of adaptability is achievable.

A PAL system eliminates the need to purchase stand alone wireless devices to build a smart home; with the PAL system all aspects of smart home connectivity are inherently incorporated within the structured wiring network.

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