How we assist with Home Automation solutions.

We liaise with clients to specify, design and build a standard system to allow basic structured functionality or a custom system tailored to their needs. Either system will have the ability to be further adapted to accommodate changing conditions.


Create your system

We strive to deliver a complete system to site that will be ready for instillation by a competent electrician.

We have design and installation engineers available to assist with the instillation process where needed. Site visits are also possible if required.


Our standard instillation incorporates the following control:

Lighting control
Lighting circuits are controlled by a reconfigurable program enabling setting and changing of moods scenes e.g. morning, evening, party, garden party, cooking etc.

Expand upon personal scene settings with the incorporation of music in selected rooms, garden etc.

Heating control
Thermostats, timers, and radiator/under-floor heating are controlled by a reconfigurable program allowing the ability to change the configuration of heating control as needed. For example if the thermostat to control heating is required to be in a specific room or location other than initially designed, just add a thermostat to the home network in that room and reconfigure the program to allow heating system to be controlled from that new location, this can easily be achieved by changing the light switch to one that incorporates a thermostat. Optionally, go a step further and add a thermostat to every room and have motorized thermostatic valves on every radiator (which connect directly to the network), this gives room by room control of temperature which could save on fuel bills as only rooms which require heat are being heated. Room temperature can also be controlled by means of locally mounted keypad, presence sensor, remote keypad or remotely via the internet (internet connectivity to home bus required) Speak to advisors about internet connectivity for remote connection.

Socket outlet circuit control
A pre-determined separation of socket outlets allows sockets to be turned on or off as needed. Switch off lounge sockets at night to save electricity at the touch of a button. House can be zoned into sections and socket outlets can then be controlled individually or in a block.

Future proof
As the circuits are configured on a network, any new technologies that can send a digital signal can be incorporated to control devices. Mobile signals, phone signals, voice activated assistants, wireless, other home automation protocols etc.

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