The following areas can also be optmised as part of the smart home system.

Heating; Motorized thermostatically controlled valves; Lights; LED drivers etc.; Blinds; Audio/visual; Smart appliances; Security alarm; Weather monitor; Passive Infra Red (PIR); Personal detection; Entry control;

A home server allows secure remote connection from anywhere and provides the ability to connect everything together with an easy to use user interface.

Monitor your home remotely using your computer, phone etc.

Integrate real time energy monitoring and control of renewable equipment to visualise and best understand and control energy use.

Upgrade to or install high end functional products.pdf from manufacturers such as Gira, Basalte, ABB which are considered as an investment and increase the resale value of the property.

Small business owners can integrate factory production statistics to their home network for up to the minute analysis of efficiency (additional factory side programming may be required).